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Our company’s mission is to create long-term projects so that producers, processors and end users can benefit from the rules of fair trade (Fair Trade), as well as contribute to achieving sustainable management. This is exactly what our Swedish Energy Willow program is like.x.

The production of energy willow is cost-effective for the producer, helps to save users, creates jobs, reduces carbon emissions and is environmentally friendly.

About 50-60% of energy consumption in Ukraine to endanger the population and the organization. The vast majority of this energy is used in natural gas. In recent decades, coal, oil, electricity and gas heating systems have replaced one of the 10-20 year cycles. The transition to one or another system of danger has always occurred due to rising fuel prices. Today, there will come a time when you need to move to alternative solid fuel heating systems.

Holland Plant Ukraine is the official production and distribution of planting material of Swedish energy willow varieties. Our partner company in Hungary – LLC “Holland Alma” since 2006 is engaged in the production and sale of planting material varieties of Swedish energy willow, as well as the adaptation of Swedish production technologies to domestic conditions and technology research. In Ukraine, registered varieties began in 2010.


High biomass growth (20-30 at / ha / year)

Complex cultivation technology

Excellent internal characteristics (high calorific value 21.000J / kg, low ash content 0.3-1.5%)

Suitable for effective use in wetlands, floodplains and stagnant waters.

Characteristic high growth on moist, meadow and swamp soils, but able to give a record increase on fresh arable land.

Suitable for disposal of sewage sludge and liquid waste

High profitability

Environmental benefits

Emission reductions

Pollution reduction

Creating jobs

Long-term market demand

Possibility to replace gas heating

Using chips to run dryers


Inger, Clara, Lisa, Wall

Willow cod harvested from the plantation is separately suitable for:
supply of fuel for boilers, boiler houses
– heating of private houses, institutions, industrial facilities
– pelleting and briquetting

 Boilers currently in production!

– with automatic mode
– types of boilers from 20 kV to 1 MV
– provide comfort of gas heating
– along with economical work require minimal maintenance

With the help of automated wood chip heating, 75% savings can be achieved compared to gas heating.

<< Name </ Swedish willow Wood for
Natural gas
Moisture content during harvest (%) 50 35
Heat of combustion MJ / t – MJ / m3 21 19 34
Price in kind Ft / kg-Ft / m3 12.6 (30%) 20 (35%) 80-120
Price ft / kg (0% of water content) 18 (0%) 30.7 (0%) 80-120
Price of heat 1 MJ (forint) 0.85 1.61 2.35-3.52
% price ratio 100 161 276-414
Efficiency in% 90 70 90
Efficiency-to-efficiency ratio 100 230 276-414
Benefits Possibility of automation

High efficiency Cheap

Unpleasant combustion emissions are environmentally friendly

Easily affordable, variable priced, widely used Automation capability, high efficiency
Disadvantages This time is currently unavailable Periodic work,

Cannot be automated

Average efficiency


For the sake of the operator,

Enhances Co2 emissions

Unpleasant to the environment

Economy compared to gas 60-75% 17-45% 0%

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