• Undine (Jonathan free pollination) x clone of Malus floribunda
    Origin: Dresden-Pilnitz Institute for the Study of Fruit Crops, Germany (S. Fischer, M. Fischer, H. Muravsky);
    Tree: growth force from medium to strong, due to the opening of several shoots, suitability for growing in all areas up to 400 m above sea level, at the foot of M9 and MM106, allows you to grow products on the fresh market, on seedlings – for landscaping and when creating raw material gardens.
    Pruning: requires replacement of old fruiting branches, no pre-tying required;
  • Flowering: flowering period from medium to late, regular and abundant flowering.
  • Pollination: is a good pollinator (diploid) for all Re- and other varieties. Can be pollinated by Remo, Reglindis, Reanda, Revena, Idared, Pinova;
  • Ripening: ripens in Dresden-Pilnitz in the first half of October;
    Fruits: large, round, homogeneous, skin inside green, red on the outside, fruit fun up to 80%, fruits with a slight reticulum, crunchy, fragrant, sweet and sour;
    Quality: good for late packaging, in warm climates very fragrant winter variety with a rich sweet and sour taste;
    Yield: Medium-high, mostly regular;
    Shelf life: stored until May (RGS), consumer maturity occurs no earlier than November-December;
    Stability: resistant to scab, weakly injecting powdery mildew, bacterial canker and bacterial blight, injecting spider mite;
    Cold resistance: weakly resistant to winter frosts and damage by spring frosts;
    Notes: Sort with more flavor and crispy flesh. In warmer climates – with a strong delicate aroma. Additional conditions for searching with a simplified protection system (organic production) and for land use design, as the fruit can be stored externally for a long time.
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