The Natural Apple® program consists of five advanced, resistant, licensed, table varieties of apples of Czech and German selection, which are suitable for both organic and integrated and conventional cultivation. As part of this program, the orchard of Holland Plant Ukraine produces apple seedlings of the following varieties: Luna®, Rosela®, Orion®, Red Topaz®, Sirius®. Distinctive features of fruits of these grades are their resistance to diseases, excellent taste, good keeping quality. Resistance of varieties to diseases such as scab, allows growers to reduce the amount of plant protection products.

Benefits of growing disease-resistant varieties.

– Saplings of immune varieties, produced by the orchard of SE “Holland Plant Ukraine”, provide an opportunity to significantly increase the profitability of the garden of the farm. The cost of plant protection products can be reduced by 30-50%, which significantly reduces the cost of production.

– Immune varieties due to their resistance to fungal diseases give the opportunity to achieve good results for novice gardeners who do not yet have extensive experience working with fruit trees. This solution is also reliable for those farms that do not have sprayers of the appropriate quality or grow apples on very large areas.

– Immune varieties are the basis of organic gardening, the share of which in Europe already reaches 10-15% and is constantly growing not only in Europe but also in Ukraine. Thus, the gardener gets the opportunity to meet the growing consumer demand for a healthy, high-quality product with fewer residual chemicals, while significantly increasing the profitability of its production.


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